A place to share information and insight about how the Internet is changing money, and new digital currencies will change law, commerce, trade, economics, government, health, success, science, and technology.

Born as a Facebook Group, you can join the conversation on https://www.facebook.com/groups/internetofmoney/

Group policies

No Spam

spammers will be blocked. If you have a commercial message, either put it beneath some useful personal insight as part of a news post or new observation, or in the comment line. There are people in this group who are pioneers in Bitcoin and we want to to protect their investment of time and attention by having zero posts that are just cut and paste of advertisements.

Contribute to the conversation

If you want to insult and slander all one million people who have bought Bitcoin, after zero posts offering anything, then you’re just going to annoy people, so we should part ways.

Full disclosure

If you post any link to a product, service, or platform that you are affiliated with, disclose your affiliation, and put extra care in creating a post that adds value, by writing about the context of why the link is relevant to the group, and how it increases the level of conversation in the community.


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